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Nruthyashakti dance academy

NruthyaShakti Dance Academy (NSDA) is a premiere Indian dance academy based in Dallas, Texas. Established in 1994, NSDA‘s primary objective is to educate, train, and perform indian folk dances, folk theatre and folk theory.

Since it’s creation, Nruthyashakti’s students have performed in over 700 shows, and participated in numerous lecture demonstrations and dance workshops for the DFW community. NruthyaShakti (NSDA) currently operates in Plano and Coppell.

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Vandita and NSDA to perform at the Dallas Festival of Ideas
Vandita and NSDA students will be performing on 02/20/16 at the Women's Museusm Fair Park for the event "Dance as the thread to connect minds and souls."

Vandita performs at Stanford University
Vandita performed at the coveted Bing Auditorium at Stanford for their Contemplation Week event during 11/04/2015-11/12/15. The P.E.A.C.E. performance was along with various local artists from different genres of indian classical/folk dance.

Rashtrapati Bhavan
Vandita performed at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi on August 20 2011.

Folk Highlight

Hailing from the golden desert land of Rajasthan, this dance is mainly performed by the nomadic snake charmer tribes in India. One of the most sensuous dance forms of Rajasthan, this dance form is very vigorous and at the same time very graceful and is performed by the sapera dancers.

The women dancers alway wear long black skirts embroidered with silver ribbons. As they spin in a circle, their bodies sway acrobatically, and as the beat increases in tempo, the pace increases to  the ‘taal’  created by the dholak, manjeera, pakhwaja, sarangi and bhungal instruments played by the men.

Kalbeliya dance is one of the popular Rajasthani dances and is an absolute favourite amongst the tourists and locals alike.

Nruthya Shakti Dance Academy

4412 Jenkins Dr, Plano TX 75024

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