Careers at nruthyaShakti

Are you passionate about teaching dance?

Are you constantly looking to creatively challenge yourself?

Are you willing to part with your creative knowledge with others?

Nruthya Shakti is currently looking for qualified dance instructors who are self starters and can teach as well as manage any of the Academy's locations. We are looking for Instrucors with prior dance background, preferably folk or semi classical and those who have the ability to exhibit self choreography. Interested candidates should send us an email to Please send us your resume/profile and any video perfomances or choregraphy that you were involved in and the style of dance that you would like to teach at NSDA.

Nruthya Shakti offers a fun-filled and exciting atmosphere to teach dance and also learn in the process. The Academy is one of the leading dance schools in Dallas, Texas with a student body of over 130.We are constantly approached for various performances at shows, charities and corporate events. Come, join us and experience teaching dance like never before!

Nruthya Shakti Dance Academy

4412 Jenkins Dr, Plano TX 75024
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