thyohar 2011

NruthyaShakti Dance Academy held it's 2011 annual show, Thyohar 2011 at the Plano Courtyard Theatre in June 2011. With over 100 particpants taking part in this event, the show was a great success showcasing the best of folk and contemporary dance. Students ranging from age 6 to adults delivered a stunning performance for 90 minutes to a
full house.


Thyohar 2011 heavily emphasized on beats and rhythms rendered by musical instruments used in folk dances of India. Amidst, beautiful backdrops, the show consisted of variety of folk dances from Tamilnadu, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Bengal and many more.

Nruthya Shakti Dance Academy

4412 Jenkins Dr, Plano TX 75024
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